The Counseling Center offers a variety of workshops and trainings to assist students, faculty, and staff in creating a positive and inclusive campus community.

Reset your mindset: How to cultivate a growth mindset and appreciate the growth and learning process.

Perfectionism: This presentation discusses perfectionism in a social context and raises the question of what is scary about being imperfect.

Resilience: Identify the importance of adapting well in the face of adversity and significant sources of stress.

Anxiety Toolbox: Increase your knowledge and identify skills used to recognize and manage feelings of anxiety and worry.

Stress management: How to use energy from a stress response to perform and meet your goals, rather than feel anxious.

Procrastination: This presentation helps to identify and change problematic behaviors along with creating opportunity to set goals, limit distractions, and reward success.

Relationships: Understand the importance of connection and teamwork, along with self-identity and the process of group formation.

Self-Care: Identify signs of burnout and learn ways to cultivate practices that support all dimensions of life (i.e. academic, personal, and professional) necessary for self-rejuvenation.

Be There: This prevention program aims to build connection and increase community support by identifying how to recognize and respond to others in distress.

Instructions to Online At-Risk Training for Students

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