The Counseling Center offers a variety of workshops and trainings to assist students, faculty, and staff in creating a positive and inclusive campus community.

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Anxiety toolbox: This workshop seeks to increase your knowledge of anxiety and identify skills used to recognize and manage symptoms of anxiety and worry.

Growing relationships: This workshop reviews tips to navigate the sometimes uncomfortable experience of meeting, greeting, chatting, and truly getting to know another human. Would you like to learn how to be more attuned to a new person? Develop an acquaintance relationship into a friendship? Then this workshop is for you!

Perfectionism: This presentation discusses perfectionism in a social context and raises the question of what is scary about being imperfect.

Procrastination: This presentation helps to identify and change problematic behaviors along with creating opportunity to set goals, limit distractions, and reward success.

Reset your mindset: This presentation teaches how to cultivate a growth mindset and develop a greater appreciation for the learning process.

Resilience: This presentation helps you identify the importance of adapting well in the face of adversity and significant sources of stress.

Self-care: This presentation teaches you to identify signs of burnout and learn ways to cultivate practices that support all dimensions of our life (i.e. academic, personal, and professional) necessary for self-rejuvenation.

Stress management: This presentation helps you learn how to use energy from a stress response to perform and meet your goals, rather than feel anxious.

Values: This presentation helps you gain awareness into what is important to you and how to live a more values-based life.

Be There: This prevention program aims to build connection and increase community support by identifying how to recognize and respond to peers in distress. Campus groups may request this Counseling Center facilitated workshop after participants have completed the Kognito training.

Kognito is an online, interactive training simulation used at more than 350 campuses nationwide. This self-guided training takes about 40-minutes to complete and is designed to help you talk with peers who are exhibiting signs of psychological distress and motivate them to seek appropriate help.

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