The Counseling Center recognizes the pain, loss and trauma that continues to be experienced by Black, Indigenous People, and People of Color within our Lafayette community, across our country and throughout the world. We acknowledge the injustices and disparities, including the disproportionate impact of COVID-19, economic, housing and healthcare inequities, police brutality, racialized violence, and the dehumanization of Black lives. We express our deep sorrow and outrage while also affirming the value of Black lives and our support for BIPOC students.

We recognize the pervasive effects of systemic racism, violence and multigenerational racial trauma on the physical health and emotional well-being of the members of our community. The anger, sorrow, pain, outrage, helplessness, numbness, or grief you may be feeling are all valid. It is important to acknowledge your feelings, take care of yourself and maintain connection with affirming supports in your life. Please know that we see you and we are here for you. The Counseling Center encourages you to seek support when needed. This may look different for different individuals. Here are some resources you may find helpful.


The Counseling Center stands united against racism. We acknowledge that racism in its various forms has a long history and is deeply embedded in our society. As members of the Counseling Center, we are humbly committed to challenging elements of racism within ourselves and our communities. We will continue to engage in training and education to examine our own inherent biases and work with our colleagues and professional organizations to promote systemic change. We recognize that this is difficult, long-term work that is never complete. We believe that we all have a role and responsibility in creating the change necessary to dismantle racism. Here are a few resources to help get started.


*Please know that these resources are not affiliated with Lafayette College, and we can’t guarantee accuracy or services.