The Counseling Center is highly committed to providing LGBTQIA+-affirming therapy that supports and celebrates all students’ sexual orientations and gender identities. We recognize the impact of discrimination and marginalization on the well-being of LGBTQIA+ folx. We appreciate how identities intersect, as many of our LGBTQIA+ students are also members of our BIPOC community. We seek to provide an affirming space for all students in supporting their mental health and well-being.

We also acknowledge that there is a problematic history between the LGBTQIA+ community and mental health professionals. We recognize the history of gatekeeping practices for trans, gender non-binary, and gender diverse folx regarding gender identity. At the Counseling Center, we follow an informed consent model in that we do not believe that you need a therapist to make decisions around your gender identity. However, we understand that many medical providers require letters of support from mental health professionals to receive appropriate care, and we are able to write letters of support and discuss referrals when needed.

Campus Resources

If you are interested in joining a LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy group through the Counseling Center, please email Dr. Larissa Kelleher, Group Coordinator, at for more information.

Local/Regional Resources

National Resources

  • TrevorSpace: online community space for LGBTQ young people ages 13-24
  • LGBT Online Peer Support Chat: peer-to-peer support by online chat with other LGBTQIA+ folx
  • Trans Lifeline: 877-565-8860 (available 24/7, but may have wait times)
    peer-to-peer support by phone run by trans people for trans and questioning peers
  • LGBT National Youth Talkline: 800-246-7743 (limited hours)
    peer-to-peer support by phone run by LGBTQIA+ folx for LGBTQIA+ young people ages 25 and under
  • DeQH: 908-367-3374 (limited hours)
    Desi LGBTQ+ online contact form and phone helpline for South Asians in the United States
  • Togetherall: online, anonymous, peer-to-peer mental health community, moderated by registered mental health professionals.
    *Not specific to LGBTQIA+ folx.

Crisis Services

Informational and Social Justice Resources

Mental Health Resources

*Please know that the majority of these resources are not affiliated with Lafayette College, and we can’t guarantee accuracy or services.