For students who wish to seek counseling services in the local community, the Counseling Center offers referral consultations to help students locate treatment providers in the Lehigh Valley.

We suggest that you call the Center or attend a drop-in consultation clinic appointment to speak with a counselor about your particular needs.

The following services are NOT offered by the Counseling Center:

  • Long-term or intensive outpatient therapy
    • Students seeking weekly individual therapy for the duration of the academic year or longer will be assisted in locating an off-campus professional who can best meet this need.
    • Students whose concerns require attending counseling more than once a week will be assisted in locating intensive outpatient therapy in the local community.
  • Court mandated therapy
  • Comprehensive threat assessments or forensic evaluations
  • Evaluations or documentation for:
    • comfort/emotional assistance animals in the residence halls
    • waivers of housing in a fraternity or sorority house for mental health reasons
    • having a car on campus for mental health reasons
  • Disability accommodations

The Office of Accessibility Services will provide you with information on the types of documentation required to obtain accommodations for mental health conditions. We can assist you with finding these resources in the local community.

If you are in need of additional support securing off-campus resources, we can also help you connect with the College’s case manager and care coordinator.