The Center offers counseling and support groups that are especially helpful for students who wish to address interpersonal concerns.

Group counseling has been shown to be equally effective as individual counseling. Group members are expected to rigorously maintain confidentiality so that members can benefit fully from their experience in a safe and trusting environment. As a result of participating in a confidential counseling or support group, students can:

  • Learn to improve their communication skills
  • Seek and receive feedback about their behavior
  • Experience feelings of connection and solidarity with others who have similar experiences
  • Identify their strengths
  • Develop new ways of relating to others
  • Interact with people different than themselves
  • Provide support and advice to others
  • Establish trust and safety in relationships

Support Groups Spring 2018

The number of group meetings can vary depending on the needs of the group members. Please call (610) 330-5005 to find out what groups are available each semester and/or let your individual counselor know you are interested in joining a group during your initial consultation.