A digital detox is intentionally taking time and space away from phones, computers, and screens in general. A realistic goal may be to cultivate a moderate and mindful relationship with one’s devices and technology. Spending thoughtful time on screens is notably important now that virtual platforms host many aspects of our daily lives.

Reducing your screen time can help counteract some of the negative side effects of screen use including stress, anxiety, sleep disruption, depression, and poor posture. Although counter-intuitive, limiting social media use can decrease your sense of loneliness.

Practical applications/tips:

· When you are spending quality time with someone, put your devices away to encourage more intimate and empathic communication.
· Place your phone away from your bed when you are sleeping to ensure better sleep.
· Turn off unnecessary notifications to limit activating your startle response.

10 Tips to Digitally Detox:Try an 8 minute Digital Detox with Tea: