The Counseling Center provides high quality counseling, educational programs, and psychological assessments designed to help students learn how to identify and meet their intellectual, interpersonal, and developmental goals and to contributing to a healthy, equitable, and positive campus community. The staff is committed to providing services in a manner that respects and values each student’s unique characteristics. The Center also provides crisis intervention and consultation to faculty, staff, and parents to assist them in their efforts to promote student learning and well-being.

We are committed to helping students find ways to be resilient when they experience disappointment, loss, or traumatic events and to find ways to thrive and grow throughout their college years.



About Us

We help students achieve positive mental health and cope with distressĀ in order to make the most of their time at Lafayette. Read more about the Counseling Center process, explore Frequently Asked Questions, and meet the staff of the Counseling Center.

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Our Services

We work with students to identify changes they would like to make and help them to develop strategies to make these changes.

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Concerned Others

Parents and Guardians, Faculty and Staff, Students can play a vital role in a student's emotional and psychological health. Learn how to tell if student is having difficulties, how to respond effectively, and how to make a referral to the Counseling Center.

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