Fall 2021
support spaces and workshops
workshop series:

Wellness Workshop
This outdoors workshop provides an experiential opportunity for students to cultivate deeper connection with themselves and others through practices of mindfulness, self compassion, and gratitude.
Facilitated by: Elizabeth Alogna
Register here: TBD

Getting Out of Your Mind 
This three-session, virtual workshop is designed to help you learn how to stabilize yourself emotionally, engage with your experiences with more flexibility, and connect you to your values using metaphors, mindfulness exercises, and other experiential components.
Facilitated by: Larissa Kelleher
Register here: Tuesdays at 1p on 10/5, 10/19, 10/26 (not meeting during Fall Break)

Anxiety Toolbox
This three-session workshop is designed to help you increase your understanding and knowledge about anxiety while learning new skills to recognize and manage anxious feelings.
Facilitated by: Asmita Pendse
Register here: Wednesdays at 1p on 10/27, 11/3, & 11/10

Seeking Serenity
This three-session, virtual workshop is designed for students who experience overwhelming emotions that feel difficult to manage. Participants will learn skills related to tolerating distress, regulating emotions, and becoming fully present in their experiences.
Facilitated by: Larissa Kelleher
Register here: Fridays at 3p on 11/5, 11/12, & 11/19

Support spaces:

Sexual Assault Survivors’ Support (SASS)
This gathering provides a space for survivors of sexual assault to receive support, acceptance, and validation while healing. It aims to decrease feelings of isolation and alienation often experienced following a sexual assault.
Facilitated by: Melissa Garrison & Katy Bednarsky
Please call 610-330-5005 or email garrisom@lafayette.edu to learn more.